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My name is Victoria, I was born and raised in Venezuela, a beautiful country in South America.

So I'm sorry if my grammar is not good.


In 2014 I left my country to pursue my studies in Animation 2D animation. I graduated in Animation at ECV (Ecole de Communication Visuelle) in Paris and then I moved to Barcelona where I did a Master's in 2D Animation at ECIB( Escola de Cinema de Barcelona).  During this time I did short films and collaborate as a Concept Artist with people, but illustration has been always on my mind.

Since 2018 I can say that my home is in Bangkok, Thailand. Where I have worked as a Concept Artist and Story Teller for a TV series "Little Slippies" at Atapy Animation Studio. Aswell different animation projects with clients. 

In 2019 I decided to put my animation world on hold to write and illustrate a children's book called "Awaken your inner superhero".

Right now I'm working as a freelancer. I have worked for Cornflour "P.A.N", Lionsgate, "Refinery29uk", "Nutiva", "Chocolate Granatte"#WeAllGrow, Our Words, ICFA Luxembourg, "Frontino Coffee", "Frank & Beans Underwear","Sinclair Pharmaceuticals", and others. I continue posting personal illustrations on my Instagram.


In March 2021 I did an Exposition called "GAIA The Origin"   with M.A.D.S Gallery in Milan, Italy. 

I'm searching and open to new projects all the time. I hope to hear from you soon!

I'm very grateful that you came and spend a moment of your time taking a look at my work, I hope you like it. 

If you want to know more about my work, you can see this interview for Creative Boom 



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